Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Welcoming in the new year

Kinteru: could you
Kinteru: imagine

Shews: no

Kinteru: My dear sir, you appear to be walking quite awkwardly today!
Kinteru: You see, Jim.
Kinteru: I have inserted a, rectal rocket, into my anus.

Shews: no

Kinteru: A rectal rocket?!
Kinteru: My god, Thompson, why would you need such a device for!
Kinteru: You see, Jim.

Shews: hfdskjsadsaf

Kinteru: Ever since I got married, my wife appears to enjoy riding me as if I am some sort of equine.
Kinteru: Lately I've been getting ass pains and what appears to be blood fluids in my bowel movements.
Kinteru: I never knew!!
Kinteru: I hope that rectal rocket does you some good, my boy.
Kinteru: Thank you, Jim.

Shews: ewebfhsfgverhgghafj;kdhgjk;hfdgdfa
Shews: dfgjlk;dagk
Shews: fdkl

And then shews died and never laughed harder ever again

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