Thursday, May 20, 2010

First nightmare in a while

Shews: this morning i woke up i had a nightmare, but it was very....theatrical? and dramatic, so it was cool and creepy all at once

Granfalloon: woah...what happened?

Shews: i was in my kitchen and its a small kitchen and when all the other lights in the house are off at night it glows really yellow

Granfalloon: mhm

Shews: but recently the bulb has been dying so it flickers

Granfalloon: mhm

Shews: so im in the middle of my kitchen and the light flickering and im trying to open my bottle of cough syrup and i look into over where the kitchen table is but its just all dark while im trying to open the bottle.
Then i cough again and breathe in but i can't breathe out.
And my throat starts itching worse and its that real scratchy dry smoker cough but i still can't breathe out.

Granfalloon: omg :(

Shews: so im making this gurgle rasping noise as im breathing in and i fall to my knees and start banging on the cabinets to wake up my parents.
and the light keeps flickering.
then i took my last deep breath in and my lungs and the light popped off and i woke up with me just staring up at my ceiling coughing

Granfalloon: D: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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