Wednesday, June 30, 2010

About them old balls

Shews: OH i did eat some questionably old spaghetti and meatballs canned
Shews: thats prob it

Kinteru: See.
Kinteru: OLD BAWLS
Kinteru: makin you sick.

Shews: lmao
Shews: what
Shews: that

Kinteru: what, old balls?

Shews: that could be taken in many diff ways

Kinteru: what, im saying it as is
Kinteru: old meat balls made you sick.
Kinteru: what's wrong with that
Kinteru: old meaty balls
Kinteru: probably outta date or something

Shews: stop dsfjksd;j;

Kinteru: what? i don't see whats wrong
Kinteru: maybe the meat in those balls was just.. really old
Kinteru: or like maybe
Kinteru: it did those things where it just sorta

Shews: KINS LMDAnaidoasf

Kinteru: rotted and
Kinteru: it got all nasty
Kinteru: and when you cooked n ate it
Kinteru: you didn't notice that funk in those balls
Kinteru: and now you're paying for it in the morning


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