Friday, July 2, 2010

I how i do~

Idk just a quick "How I Usually Draw And Color My Tegaki Post Colored Pics" since I noticed I had the screen caps c:

involves alot of yellow scribbles and then when i see in my head, what i like i go over with a darker line to get where im goin. This is the one that usually has the most life to it since its a sketch and im not overdoin it to make the colors nice and OCD'ing everywhere on the pic.


idk i TRY going from back to the very front of the pic, ala background/middle/foreground, but I can't help myself sometimes. Its overall a pain since tegaki works in only one big layer.

Bam! Stickin with solids over the shaded skin usually saves my ass alot as its easy to touch up as well as a thick border on certain things. fix up what i want and then add the final touches, you got your generic colored shews tegaki pic.

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